Exhibition Stand Maped

Exhibition Stand Maped

Portfolio Description

Exhibition stand Project Maped.

For the company Maped we designed an in-between setup that ensured sufficient stopping power. The colors of the well-known brand in school and office supplies have been used to attract attention.

By using the colors of the brand, the exhibition stand has the right tone: it exudes the playfulness of the company. The colors give the exhibition wall a kind of comic strip effect.

At the top of the walls, the logo comes back, which is highlighted with wall mounted LED spot lights.


The Project

Design a trade fair booth in which all parts of the Beurswand.nl product program are present.

Our role

We have designed a trade fair booth where straight frames, curved frames, LED, a desk and a professional finish are present.


The result in the picture speaks for itself. It has become a beautiful ‘ showcase ‘ exhibition booth where our sister organization – Exposure Systems – has been able to conduct many qualitative conversations.

More Information



Maped only used straight frames.


The design of Maped has been chosen for light-blocking textiles. In this way, the colors of the upholstery are extra good. The upholstery is foldable, making it durable and you can re-tighten it at every fair for a sleek look.


In the middle a television is placed, on which Maped can play continuously advertisement. Plug your own USB into one of the TV's inputs and you'll play your content with ease. Every TV is supplied with a remote control. Several led spotlights have been mounted on the walls, so that the walls are adequately exposed. In addition, we have hung a number of Maped products on the walls, just like in a shop setup. Look for all the possibilities with our accessories.


Maped has been chosen as a supplementary material for a cabinet to exhibit more products. In addition, in the middle of the booth is a Z-shaped table with 8 chairs to which customers can sit. This way you offer customers the opportunity to enter the call


The U-shaped exhibition wall is called an in-between setup. In addition to this you have the complete freedom for the decoration of the exhibition wall, for example: the type of floor, textiles or upholstery with LED lighting and the dimensions. A base in-between setup is 4 by 3 meters and 2.5 meters high.
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