Buy Exhibition Stand

Buy Exhibition Stand

Imagine your organization participates frequently in (international) fairs. Each scholarship participation is a relatively large investment. However, with only a stock market tooth you are not there. Everything that comes with a look of design, alignment with the stand builder until the finishing and dismantling of the booth is a recurring cost each time.

Traditional stand building is often expensive, and the position is often limited. You really want to have the opportunity to adapt your wishes in a stand-by-stock to available stand area and target group.

Did you know that with the modular exhibition stand system of you can buy a solution and save a lot of costs at the same time?

Buy your fair stand and continue building as you grow

When you buy a stand at, you buy a booth that grows with your organization and can be built in different configurations per stock exchange. This is what we call modular. Whether you have varying exhibition stand surface area or want to be flexible in your design, our modular Stand Building system offers the solution!

The system is easy to use for a minimum of 10 years. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can buy or rent extra spare parts. You are optimally flexible and it lowers the costs for your event participation considerably.

Renting or Buying an Exhibition Stand? Or a combination?

Buying a trade fair stand is interesting for companies that have 2 fairs/events per year. The investment earns itself back in 2.5 years, while the system lasts for at least 10 years. This leads to a significant decrease in the cost per trade fair participation.

Buy Exhibition Stand

✓ More than 2 (international) trade fairs per year
✓ Long-term investment tax benefits
✓ Reduction of costs per event participation
✓ Use Internally (Showroom/Congresses)
✓ Fair stand can grow with your organization
✓ Possibility of construction and dismantling

Exhibition Stand Rental

✓ 1 or Max 2 trade fairs per year
✓ Limited (marketing) budget
✓ Maximum Exposure
✓ Changing stand surface/configuration
✓ Optimal flexibility tailored to target group
✓ First time event participation
✓ Complete care based on full-service concept

Rent & Buy Combination

✓ More than 2 (international) events per year
✓ Long term investment and tax benefits
✓ Reduction of costs per event participation
✓ Use Internally (Showroom/Congresses)
✓ Exhibition stand grows with your organization
✓ Possibility of construction and dismantling

Only occasionally participating fairs or events?

If you are not regularly present at trade fairs or events, it is possible to rent a trade show booth. If you plan to visit trade shows less than three times, you will save costs by renting your stand. The rental price is approximately 35% of the total purchase price.

Even if you rent your exhibition stand we can deliver tailor-made products!

Portfolio Examples

Exhibition Stand Setups

Beurswand-kop opstelling

Exhibition Stand Head Setup

Renting from 899,-
Buy from €2.199,-

✅ Including frames and visuals
3 weeks Rental

Beurswand hoekopstelling

Exhibition Stand Corner Setup

Rent from €1.499,-
Buy from €3.499,-

✅ Including frames and visuals
3 weeks Rental

Beurswand-tussen opstelling

Exhibition Stand Between Setup

Rent from €2.149,-
Buy from €4.999,-

✅ Including frames and visuals
3 weeks Rental

Beurswand eiland opstelling

Exhibition Stand Island Setup

Rent from €1.399,-
Buy from €3.299,-

✅ Including frames and visuals
3 weeks Rental


Build your exhibition stand differently every time in size, design and visuals. Build the same, sometimes different.

Low cost

No big investment needed.

Rent your fair stand from €899,-.

Full Service

We can take care of your entire fair participation. You can also enable us for accessories, transportation and dismantling of the exhibition stand.


Customised Exhibition Stands: Select your dimensions, design and visuals. We help with design, transportation and construction.

Request your quote in 4 simple steps

You have been allocated a location at your trade fair? Choose your exhibition stand setup and floor area based on the allocated space and position.

There are 4 types of exhibition stand setups
– Corner Setup
– In-between Setup
– Head Setup
– Island Setup

Floor space: You can indefinitely scale up your exhibition stand in floor dimensions through our modular system. We delivered exhibition stands of 2-200 m2

On our website you will find many examples of exhibition stands and different setups. Or check out our exhibition stand portfolio.

Set up your exhibition stand at your own requirements in our Stand Configurator Or choose a stand design from our examples.

After you have selected the dimensions and setup of your exhibition stand, we continue to configure the exhibition stand. Simply add additional options such as a floor, pantry, LED spotlights or TV when selecting the exhibition stand. We are also happy to provide the design of the exhibition stand. If desired – we even provide your complete exhibition presentation.

Exhibition stand floor
Do you want a (raised) floor? We have developed a unique proprietary system for this. But we also offer laminate or carpet tiles.

In addition to the size of your exhibition stand – the chosen visuals are very important for the appearance and the recognizability of your exhibition stand. Do you want an understated or just eye-catching exhibition stand? The visuals will give your stand color, or not.

You have a choice of printed textiles, dibond, forex or wood finishes.

You can literally ‘highlight’ certain visuals in your exhibition booth by adding LED integration in your exhibition stand frames. You can also add LED spots.

Exhibition stand elements
Pantry, counter, Bar, shelves

Present your organization and products or services with multimedia such as televisions, iPads, beamers, LED tiles or even holograms.

Complete your exhibition stand with furniture and appliances. Think of tables, chairs, bar stools, a fridge, coffee machine or vacuum cleaner.

Through our many years of experience, we can provide you with additional services, in addition to delivering your fair stand, so that you are guaranteed a successful event participation with minimal effort. Among other things, We can help you with:

Advice on trade show participation

Think about the design and layout of your exhibition stand, graphic design of your visuals, checklists for stock market participation, use of multimedia and general presentation during the fair.

Design of your exhibition stand

At, you always have a dedicated project manager who can help you design your exhibition stand.

Transportation and Construction

The transport of the exhibition stand to the fair is also part of our service package. We also take care of the construction and dismantling of the exhibition booth, so that you will only have to arrange your staff being present at the fair.

✓ Transport: from €99,-
✓ Construction: from €899,-

After choosing the exhibition booth and selecting additional options and additional services, we have sufficient information to give you a customized quotation.

Ask us for the price of your trade fair booth. We will contact you within 48 hours to give you more information about the costs.

Design Service for your exhibition stand

You have the option of delivering a design yourself, but we always recommend that you let us draft a design. This way you can be sure that the design of the exhibition stand will look optimal, from further away as well as close up.

Our designers know exactly what to consider when it comes to designing exhibition stands. We design your exhibition stand from only €499,-

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